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Cauldron Ice Cream

The Puffle Cone style ice cream at Cauldron Ice Cream is really good! Yes, Puffle Cone (or some people call it Bubble Waffle) as in 雞蛋糕!

Today we had the pineapple ice cream. Sweet and sour, so so good!!

Herbal Jelly at Meet Fresh

We really enjoy the herbal jelly (仙草) at Meet Fresh (鮮芋仙). It can be a hit or miss sometimes but when it is good, it is really good!

Meet Fresh Signature: Shaved ice made of herbal jelly, plus herbal jelly, taro balls and sweet potato balls, with coffee cream. We also added boba and mung beans.
Meet Fresh

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Bestia revisited

Another visit to Bestia! This time we made sure to save room for desserts! And it helps that we have a party of 3 :)

The Salumi - chef’s selection of house-cured meats.

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