Welcome to BC and Tiff's world

About Us

237-100722-1858How We Met

Tiffany and Brian first met through a mutual friend at Brian's birthday party in 2004. They briefly got to know each other over some beer and yogurt soju, before Brian had a few drinks too many ;)

Soon after, Brian tried to impress Tiffany by cooking her his famous rib-eye steak and French onion soup. That proved to be a very successful strategy.

Tying the Knot

Tiffany and Brian got married in 2006. Tiffany loves that Brian is smart, self-motivated, generous, good-hearted, and geeky. Brian loves that Tiffany is smart, easy-going, supportive, and silly (in a cute way). They love that they share the same values and are each other's best friend.

Their wedding took place in the summer of 2010. With the beautiful oceanview as the perfect backdrop, they exchanged vows and celebrated with their family and friends in an intimate ceremony in Laguna Beach, California.

What We Do

Tiffany markets cashmere sweaters and likes online shopping. Brian is an IT geek who likes cooking and playing badminton.

Tiffany and Brian enjoy traveling and good food. Besides cooking together, their typical weekend is spent relaxing on their comfy couch, watching their favorite TV series and movies non-stop.  


 Tiffany & Brian